About Us

About Achbar Grotto

The Grotto is a Masonic Order whose members are all Master Masons in Good Standing. 

The Grotto has been termed the Master Masons Playground, and so it is. The Grotto is a place where all Master Masons and their families can relax and enjoy life, and find like minded people, always knowing that good Masonic principles guide each and every member. The Grotto is a place to meet life long friends and work and play together and do good works for our communities. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an Achbar Grotto Prophet?

All Master Masons in good standing are eligible for membership in the Grotto. Please visit our Contact Page to get into contact with us  about becoming a prophet. If you are not local to Achbar Grotto, contact your local Grotto, or ask your Lodge Brother. Chances are that there are many Grotto Prophets that are members of your lodge.

Does the Grotto have a charity?

Yes! We have our own charitable organization,The Humanitarian Foundation, which raises money to support Denistry for the Special Needs Child.

When do you meet?

Prophets meet the fourth Wednesday, each month, at 7:30PM.